Here’s a bit of motivation for all of my followers and to whomever sees this. Please watch, it’s quite uplifting. 

This video reminded me of why I no longer like being at home just sitting on my ass. So as a result, I do plan on not being on tumblr for a long while. This could be the last post that you’ll see or this may not be. Who knows. I don’t want to get older regretting the what if’s of my life.

I wish you all the best and hope to see some achievements from those that I follow. God bless.

  October 02, 2014 at 10:14am

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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous

My friend Rashon has been attending the university that I got partial financial incentives to attend. Since school started for us, I’ve avoided hanging out with him because of this.

I don’t want to hang out to hear about exploring LA with a group of fellow arc students. I don’t want to hear how I’m missing out on my dream career. I’m happy for him, but I’m more focused on being happy for me.

So on the flip side, I’m more than blessed in my current situation. Why? Among my peers, I’ve learned that learning shit sticks when I apply myself. During the summer, I was afraid to take any of the sciences and here I am beasting it—well not beasting it but I’m not sinking and I’m absorbing info unlike I’ve experienced before.

So those are my early morning thoughts.

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  October 02, 2014 at 06:23am
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I can’t tell ChoA and Way apart anymore lol


Typewritten Portraits Álvaro Franca

"Typewritten Portraits is an experimental art project. During my exchange period at Cambridge School of Art, I developed a technique for creating grayscale images on a typewriter and from it I was able to create portraits of five of my favourite authors in literature who worked on typewriters. 

This is an ongoing series and there are plans for five other portraits to be concluded this following year. Photographs by the excellent Fernando Dias.”

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Got my good friend Travis Cuykendall out of retirement to take a few shots of Eve on RS212s. 212s are timeless and these hold a special place in my heart as they belonged to my friend Paul Nguyen aka darksideE36 whose M3 was a huge inspiration to me growing up.

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BREAKING: Jessica releases first official statement after being expelled from Girls’ Generation



In the latest breaking news, Jessica has finally broken her silence after posting on Weibo and released an update to the media in the form of a letter. 

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Well, damn. 

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Well damn. 

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Title: Mardy Bum Artist: Arctic Monkeys 42,465 plays

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promissoryestoppel asked: What's the best way to show girls that you have money without being douchey about it?




Let them bitches think you’re broke and see which one of them hoes is reallllllly down for you. That’s how u gonna find u a star player. ;)


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Oh whaaaaat?

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